8 Top Reasons Why Your Broadband Internet Is Slow

Here are the 8 top reasons why your broadband internet might not be providing you the desired internet speed:

  1. A weak or intermittent signal can be more frustrating and annoying than a totally no internet connection. Primarily it is a sign of a Connect broadband Panchkula plan that has a limited range and when you try to overstretch it as far as you want it to.
  2. If you are close to your router and still facing the same issue, then it is more likely that there is some other cause. You will have to reboot your router to oust the problem.
  3. If the distance or capacity of the Connect broadband Mohali Internet connection is the issue, try bringing your computer or mobile device close to your broadband router and if there are more people accessing it at the same time, try to switch off some devices.
  4. If the problem remains unsolved then there you may be required to reposition your router or invest in some internet booster device.
  5. Other wireless devices can also interfere with your Connect Broadband Mohali network: think baby monitors and microwaves. Even fairy lights can cause a problem so if your issues only occur around Christmas-time then try moving your tree to the other side of the living room.
  6. The other wireless devices near your Wi- Fi router can also affect the signal strength of your devices. If the issues are occurring, you can try to re position your router at a place that is at least at some distance from other wireless devices in your home or office.
  7. There are instructions listed on the internet on how to do this in the supplied manual or on the web. Sometimes the internet works fine with your devices except for one or two.
  8. There may be some issues with that device. You will need to ensure that wireless is enabled on that particular device or device. You may need to reinstall or uninstall wireless drivers or download the latest package of drivers from Connect broadband Panchkula

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